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TS Florence Update #4


Following is the latest on operating conditions at the South Carolina Ports Authority?s facilities.

Charleston Container
Vessel operations resumed
Monday, September 17 ? container gates open at *4:00 am* (normal reefer hours)

Charleston Intermodal Rail
Monday, September 17 ? Norfolk Southern & CSX intermodal ramps open at 4:00 am

Inland Port Greer
Normal gate and terminal operations
Monday, September 17 ? NS rail service resumes between Charleston and Greer

Inland Port Dillon
Monday, September 17 ? closed
Tuesday, September 18 ? re-open at 6:00 am, pending weather and road conditions; CSX rail service between Charleston & Dillon to resume, with next train arriving in Dillon on Wednesday, September 19

Charleston Breakbulk
Vessel operations have resumed
Monday, September 17 ? gate activity resumes at 7:00 am

Cruise Terminal
Normal operations resumed

Monday, September 17 ? re-open at 8:00 am

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