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Dockside Operations

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One of Charleston’s key benefits to cruise operators is the ease of access to our terminal. Less than one hour from the open sea, our facilities are located on the finest natural harbor on the U.S. East Coast. The water is deep, the channels are wide, and the transit is short. Details of our dockside operations are offered below.

Entrance Channel:47 ft. MLW
Entrance Channel (M):14.3 m MLW
Main Channel:45 ft. MLW
Main Channel (M):13.7 m MLW
Depth Alongside:42 ft. MLW
Depth Alongside (M):12.8 m MLW
Turning Basin:42 ft. MLW
Turning Basin (M):12.8 m MLW
Tidal Shift:5.2 Feet
Tidal Shift (M):1.58 m
Tidal Range:4.4 ft. – 6.0 ft.
Tidal Range (M):1.3 m – 1.8 m
Open Sea:1 Hour
Air Draft Restrictions:None
Harbor Operations:24/7
Local Pilot Required:Yes
Tugs Available:Yes
NOAA Charts:11524 & 11526
Cruise Ship Berth:Up to 1,000 ft.
Cruise Ship Berth (M):Up to 305 m
Mooring Dolphin:150 ft.
Mooring Dolphin (M):45.7 m
Dock Height:12 ft. MLW
Dock Height (M)3.6 m MLW
Dock Apron Width:40 ft.
Dock Apron Width (M):12.2 m
Water Available at Dock:Yes
Hose Size:2.5