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Port Properties FAQs

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1. Is inspection of the property optional or mandatory?


2. Where do I send my offer and offer deposit?

Offer documents should be sent to 200 Ports Authority Dr., Mt Pleasant, SC 29464.

Attn: Phillip Padgett

If electronic, the offer deposit should be sent to the escrow agent. If a check, it can be included with the offer documents. See Offer Documents for details.

3. Will the property be awarded to the highest offeror?

The Authority intends to award to the highest responsive offer it deems to be in its best interest. However, the Authority reserves the right to reject any and all offers in its sole discretion.

4. Does the SCPA have input over how the property will be developed?

No, the use of the property will be determined solely by the purchaser.

The purchaser will have complete control over the development and use of the property subject to applicable governmental laws and regulations.

Submitted Questions

Interested Parties with questions pertaining to the “North Island Tract” not addressed in the FAQs may submit a question by emailing portproperties@scspa.com or leave a voice message at 843-577-8139. Submitted questions and answers may be compiled and published to this page as they are answered.