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SC Ports Authority GO!Port, AGS, and ORION Systems

GO!Port and Orion systems are available for customers to assist in checking and managing cargo.

GO!Port provides Motor Carriers with the ability to create pre-advise for container/chassis drop off and pick up, reprints of your own interchanges (EIRs), verify booking numbers, verify which terminal empties return to, set up notifications, and create, add/delete your own users and privileges.

GO!Port provides Steamship Lines, BCOs, NVOCCs, and other customers a total solution for reporting, scheduling, inventory management, and monitoring cargo movement.

ORION, the other component of our comprehensive systems, is used by Steamship Lines and their Customs House Brokers.

Use the links below to register or to sign-in to the GO!Port and ORION systems. If you need assistance, please contact the Solutions Center 843-579-4433 or the Solutions Center at solutionscenter@scspa.com.

Customer Registration

ORION Password Reset

ORION Sign-In (requires registration)

  • Steamship Lines and Customs House Brokers can use ORION to:
    • Create/update interchanges (EIRS)
    • Create/update bookings
    • Create/update load orders (breakbulk)
    • Maintain inventory
    • Authorize line/agent release cargo
    • And more
  • Reset your ORION password.

GO!Port Sign-In (requires registration)

  • Motor Carriers can use GO!Port to:
    • Create pre-advise Gate Code for container/chassis drop off and pick up
    • Reprint EIRs via container number or EIR number
    • Set up notifications
    • Verify booking number
    • Verify which terminal empties return to
    • Create, add and delete your own users and their privileges
    • Register for Clean Truck certification (ALL trucks must be registered by their second visit)
  • Steamship lines can use GO!Port to:
    • View real-time status of inventory, cargo holds/releases, booking information, history
    • Reprint EIRs via container number or EIR number
    • Access to container/chassis inventory reports (export to PDF/Excel)
    • Set up notifications
    • Select SSLs will have access to Last Free Day information
  • BCO, NVOCC and 3PLs can use GO!Port to:
    • View real-time status of cargo
    • Set up notifications

AGS Motor Carrier Training Guide
Gate Codes are required for all container and chassis moves at Wando Welch Terminal and North Charleston Terminal. ALL MOTOR CARRIER DRIVERS should be educated on new procedures regarding the inbound/outbound portals required for the Advanced Gate System (AGS). The motor carrier drivers MUST BE trained on the INBOUND/OUTBOUND KIOSK requirements in order for a smooth transition to the AGS process.

Trucker’s Guide – AGS

Wando Welch Terminal Map

North Charleston Terminal Map

Terminal Traffic Safety