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SCPA Rate Schedule Update

The South Carolina State Ports Authority has made changes to the Marine Terminal Operator Schedule / Tariff No. 8. Below are the primary areas affected. Changes posted today will be effective January 01, 2023 unless otherwise noted. Change details can be found in the MTOS.:


Section V Breakbulk Charges

Rule 34.255

Miscellaneous charges for breakbulk cargo          

0910 Attaching labels or tags furnished and prepared by shipper or consignee

Changed from $1.05 to $3.00


1456 Loaded trailer storage (space permitting) $140.00 per day

Breakbulk Charges – Handling and Storage

Increased all handling rates by 15% and all storage by 20% for all commodities listed in this tariff.

If you have any questions, please contact the Solutions Center at 843-579-4433.

Thank you for your business.