Risk Management

Below is the Annual Business Registration (ABR) Form which is required by the Authority's Terminal Tariffs. This ABR Form must be completed by ALL firms that conduct business with the Authority or for any party on Authority premises. As stated on the Form, it is your responsibility to read and understand Tariff provisions, particularly the General Rules and Regulations portion (Tariff No. 8, pages 1-10B)(Tariff No. 9, pages 8-17). All Tariffs are available online at www.scspa.com.

For your registration to be valid, the below ABR Form must be fully completed and returned with your certificate(s) of insurance confirming ALL required endorsements, to the attention of Risk Management.

Failure to complete the ABR Form properly and provide the required insurance certificate(s) and endorsements may result in being denied use of SCPA facilities.

All vehicles utilized on terminal(s) by your company personnel must be properly placarded, clearly identifying your company's name.

Please contact Port Police at 843-577-8706 with questions concerning access to terminal(s) and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) requirements.

If you no longer require access to SCPA facilities, please return the ABR Form with your company name filled in and 'N/A' written in large print across the front so that we may update our records. Also your insurance agent should be advised to delete SCPA from your certificate holder list.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our ABR Representative at (843) 577-8176 or ABR@scspa.com.