Navy Base Intermodal Facility (NBIF)

Project Overview

South Carolina Ports Authority is constructing the Navy Base Intermodal Facility (NBIF) on a 118-acre site on the former Charleston Naval Complex. At an intermodal facility, containerized freight is moved between various transportation modes — in this case trains and trucks — to move goods domestically and internationally. Intermodal rail offers shippers advantages in terms of cost savings, cargo capacity, and environmental efficiency. The Navy Base Intermodal Facility (NBIF) will provide a hub for the transfer and shipment of goods located in North Charleston, SC. The NBIF will support the South Carolina Ports Authority to facilitate the movement of goods and commerce over rail, stimulating economic development within the region and providing connections to key regional infrastructure.

The NBIF will allow the Charleston region to facilitate the movement of goods and commerce over rail within the state and throughout the Southeast region of the United States, stimulating economic development within the region and providing connections to key regional infrastructure.

The location of this facility takes advantage of its close proximity to the region’s transportation infrastructure, including major roadways and SC Ports’ Hugh Leatherman Terminal. In addition, this facility provides equal connectivity to the area for both of the state’s Class 1 rail carriers, CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Construction of the Navy Base Intermodal Facility will have immediate short and long-term benefits for the community generating jobs and significant economic development for the region. Other benefits include economic development, supporting infrastructure demands, and sustaining our environmental responsibility.

Current Projects

There are several construction activities that will take place during the NBIF construction. Those activities include, but are not limited to, mass grading, stormwater improvements, concrete and asphalt paving, electrical infrastructure, and off-site road and bridge construction.

The facility will include processing and classification tracks, arrival and departure tracks, electric wide-span rail mounted gantry cranes, container stacking areas, administrative buildings and vehicle driving lanes.

Grade separation project (a bridge over the rail tracks), which includes a pedestrian and recreational multi-use path to Riverfront Park.

Realignment of roads will allow trucks to move to and from the interstate, via the Port Access Road, without impacting local neighborhoods.

A dedicated one-mile drayage road connecting the facility to the South Carolina Ports Authority’s Hugh K Leatherman Terminal

A southern connection will provide access to the NBIF from the southern portion of the project site. The connection, including approximately 15 track miles of rail will allow connections to the existing rail infrastructure operated by Class 1 railroads CSX and Norfolk Southern.

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