Inland Ports

SC Ports' Inland Port Greer and Inland Port Dillon are innovative, intermodal rail facilities that deliver the benefits of a coastal marine terminal many miles inland. SC Ports owns and operates these facilities, allowing cargo owners to minimize their inland expense while enhancing flexibility and efficiency, and realizing savings on variable costs such as container per diems, chassis rental, and demurrage. For firms interested in lowering their carbon footprint, these facilities allow shippers to reduce carbon emissions up to 80% vs. all truck service.

Inland Port Greer

Inland Port Greer is located on I-85 in Greer, S.C., 212 miles inland from Charleston and approximately halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte. More than 94 million people live within 500 miles making sites near the inland port an attractive location for both manufacturing and consumer goods distribution. A dedicated Norfolk Southern train runs 6 days per week and provides overnight service in both directions.

Inland Port Dillon

Located on I-95 near the South Carolina/North Carolina border exit 190, Inland Port Dillon is positioned within the 3,400-acre Carolinas I-95 Mega Site. In the near-term, Inland Port Dillon will offer importers and exporters in the Eastern Carolinas area an exciting new option. Future connectivity to Charlotte and points north and west could provide tremendous reach for shippers. CSX plans to serve Inland Port Dillon 6 days per week.