Preserving Natural Resources

In South Carolina, our natural resources and waterways are a part of who we are and what we do. As an economic engine for the state, SC Ports is committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing the health of South Carolina’s waterways, landscapes, air systems and ecosystems. We invest in electric cranes and electric trucks to reduce emissions and minimize our environmental impact. We partner with environmental groups to preserve salt marshes, iconic landscapes and wildlife habitats. We remain committed to creating lasting environmental successes around the state and preserving natural resources for generations to come.


SC Ports is working to ensure that iconic landscapes and healthy ecosystems continue be a hallmark of the Charleston area for generations to come.


SC Ports is focused on improving air quality and has committed to implementing a variety of emissions-reducing programs.


SC Ports’ efforts to protect and enhance water quality represent a long-term commitment to the health of South Carolina’s waterways.


SC Ports’ community outreach and community giving programs recognize the importance of being a good neighbor.