Trade Routes

More than 20 ocean carriers have vessels that carry cargo between Charleston and more than 150 nations around the world.  Listed below are the United States' top trading partners through the Port of Charleston.

Calendar Year 2021

Trade LaneExport TEUSImport TEUSTotal TEUS%
NE ASIA170,824429,199600,02329.3%
N EUROPE194,264342,974537,23826.3%
SE ASIA  126,570196,384322,95415.8%
I S C72,506113,716186,2229.1%
EC SOUTH AM37,53145,50983,0404.1%
WC SOUTH AM43,40226,19269,5943.4%
MID EAST13,49415,41828,9121.4%
CENTRAL AM9,2579,02518,2820.9%
OTHER 3873167030.0%
Grand Total781,9151,262,7872,044,702

Source: PIERS Data Loaded import and export TEUs only.