Facility Features

Charleston Cold Chain

The Port of Charleston is rapidly emerging as the go-to port in the Southeast for cold chain business. Loaded reefer business has grown 110% since 2011. Freezer capacity has grown dramatically as well with several new and expanded freezer operations. Whether you are making a port selection decision for the routing of freight or choosing a location to make a port-dependent cold chain investment, the Port of Charleston is an ideal choice.

Efficient & Flexible Terminal Operations
The Port of Charleston employs a highly efficient reefer handling operation that requires no racking fees and expedites pick-up and delivery.

  • Reefer Storage: Wheeled/Grounded
  • Racking or Facilitation Fee: None
  • Holiday/Weekend Gates: Available
  • Power: Shore Power/Genset
  • Double Moves: Yes
  • On-Site Repair & Prep: Yes
  • Total Port of Charleston Reefer Slots: 2,274
  • Wando Welch Terminal: 1,274 Slots
  • North Charleston Terminal: 540 Slots
  • Hugh Leatherman Terminal: 460 Slots
  • Specialized Truckers: Yes
  • Specialized Warehousing: Yes

You owe it to yourself and your business to take another look at Charleston for your reefer cargo.

Our cold storage partners are a critical part of Charleston's rapid growth for reefer cargo:

Pedro Reynoso, General Manager
Office: 843-879-5683
Mobile: 854-832-8148

Lineage Logistics/Palmetto Commerce
Marc Malone, VP-Business Development
Mobile: (863) 640-8496

Lineage Logistics/Remount
Jim Henderson VP Sales & Marketing
Office: 504-944-4400
Mobile: 504-256-7559

Maersk Warehousing & Distribution Services USA
Andy Frazier, Director of Operations
Mobile: (854) 832-0584