SMART POOL™ Chassis Program

The South Carolina Maritime Chassis Pool: SMART Pool™ is the Port Authority’s proprietary chassis service created to improve both the efficiency and the experience of customers and motor carriers moving freight through the Port of Charleston. Managed by an SCPA management team, the SMART POOL™ program offers a modern chassis fleet at competitive daily rental rates while utilizing state of the art systems for tracking, billing, and maintenance. On-terminal chassis repair services meet maintenance and inspection requirements while in-depth integration with terminal operating systems and stakeholder provided data ensure chassis usage billing is both timely and accurate.

SMART POOL™ Chassis domiciled at the following start/stop locations:

  • HLT Chassis Depot - Hugh Leatherman Terminal
  • NCT Chassis depot - North Charleston Terminal
  • WWT (REO) Chassis Depot - Wando Welch Terminal
  • Greer Chassis Depot - Greer Inland Terminal
  • Inland Port Dillon – Off Terminal at nearby Container Maintenance Depot in Dillon, SC

Chassis size types in fleet: 20SL, 40GN, 40EX and 20/40TA (combo triaxle)

Customers may review our policies & apply for our program below – all requirements must be met before SMART Pool™ equipment may be interchanged.


All users must agree to the terms of the SC Ports SMART Pool™ Interchange Agreement and opt IN/OUT of the optional Damage Waiver Program.

Please note that filling out any forms does not constitute an agreement with SCPA.

Helpful Resources

Current SMART Pool™ Rate Schedule

Chassis SizeDaily Rate
20 SL$24.00
40 GN$24.00
40/45 EX$24.00
20/40 TRI$55.00

The above listed rates are the standard base rate per calendar day of usage.

If you have opted into the Limited Damage Waiver Program, there will be a separate invoice line item charging $3.00 per calendar day, per chassis.                           

Taxes are billed at the sales tax rate of the county the chassis was interchanged: Charleston County 9%, Greenville County (Greer) 7%, Dillon County 8%.

SCPA may modify the rates from time to time; any modifications shall be posted on our website 30 days before the modified rates take effect.


Contact our SMART Pool™ team at or 843-375-3104.