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S.C. Exports Linked To In-State Seaports

April 6, 2001

According to Wachovia World Trade Index reports, which analyze data from the U.S. Department of Commerce and other agencies, more than 37% of all South Carolina exports are shipped from in-state ports.

In Georgia and Virginia, 31% of their state’s exports move through in-state ports. North Carolina sends less than 8% of total exports from the in-state Customs district.

"Industry demands a successful, competitive port system," said Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr., president and chief executive officer of the South Carolina State Ports Authority. "We are proud to play such a vital role in moving South Carolina products to world markets."

In the fourth quarter alone, South Carolina exports through the Charleston district were $887 million, an impressive 41.5% increase from the same quarter in 1999.

The South Carolina figure is especially impressive when considering more than one-third of the state’s exports go to Canada and Mexico, two of the state’s top trading partners. This NAFTA business moves primarily by land across borders in the northeast and southwest, as opposed to by water.

In 2000, South Carolina exports saw double-digit growth in exports to overseas markets in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Taiwan and France. Exports to the European Union topped Canada.

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