History below these grounds 

Hundreds of years before the SC Ports Headquarters building was constructed, a historic forgotten town right here in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina ruled the merchant marine industry in the low country. 


Below the grounds of SC Ports’ headquarters building in Mount Pleasant, SC, there lies a very rich history. The land was first settled by the Wando people of the Cusabo group which used the adjacent Wando and Cooper Rivers for food.  

As the first European settlers arrived in the seventeenth century, they brought their industry with them. These merchants settled along nearby Hobcaw Creek and called this area Bermuda Town.  

Though when or how the name “Bermuda Town” was created is not on official record, there are several mentions of the name both written down and passed on verbally. 

Bermuda Town, located in Hobcaw Neck, could have stretched from as far south as Hobcaw Creek to as far north as Rathall Creek. Then about 2 miles inland from the Wando River. 

The settlers of this area continued to pass down their knowledge of sailing and shipbuilding throughout Bermudoes Town as it became a family practice for the citizens of this community. There were many docks and shipyards along Hobcaw Creek for shipbuilding as the Bermuda colony became a frequent port of call. This tradition carried on well into the nineteenth century. 

 Years later, a 265-acre plantation placed directly off the Wando River was owned and created by Alexander Chisholm. This plantation sat on the very grounds of the modern day SCPA headquarters. 

Many believe it was named Bermuda Plantation after the successful Bermudoes Town less than a mile away. Today, the land has returned to its merchant past as it is home to the SCPA’s Wando Welch Terminal, our biggest and busiest terminal.  

We are still reminded of the hundreds of years of history that this has seen to this day as artifacts from the plantation have been found near HQ.  


The South Carolina Ports Authority recognizes and respects the multi century old history that resides in and around the grounds of our headquarters. We understand that it is our responsibility to shine full light on this forgotten community as they paved the way for the merchant marines of this area.  


  • 1670 – Wando People already here when Europeans arrived 
  • 1699 – Earliest written mention of “Bermuda Town” 
  • 1716 – First recorded school in Bermuda Town  
  • 1760 – Bermuda Plantation created by Alexander Chisholm 
  • 1810 – Sold to Samuel Venning, Venning Family
  • 1942 – South Carolina Ports Authority founded 
  • 1981 – Wando Welch Terminal constructed
This deemed unidentifiable nail is from late eighteenth century and was used to build wood housing. 
This is a portion of the 1900 United States Census. On the line for ”Name of Institution”, Bellview Long Point Bermuda can be found. 

The below link provides access to the full report describing the environmental and cultural setting, the historical investigation of Bermuda Plantation, the archaeological investigations/field work of Site 38CH314, and an analysis of the artifact assemblage. The recovery from this investigation allowed for a formal documentation of the history of the people and places of Bermuda Plantation.