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Our Impact

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Our Purpose

South Carolina's public port system is the state's most significant strategic asset. Its connectivity to the global marketplace influences economic development and job growth, and its commitment to capable, competitive operations will deliver positive impacts to the state and region for years to come.

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Economic Impact

SC Ports delivers a $63.4 billion annual statewide economic impact and creates 1 in 10 S.C. jobs. Port-supported jobs pay 32% higher than the state average wage.


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Did You Know?

Port operations generate around 225,000 jobs for South Carolinians.

Community Impact

Through educational outreach, a non-profit grant program, and community involvement on both an individual employee and corporate level, SC Ports seeks to be a good neighbor and support the regions of the state in which we operate.

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Did You Know?

Many of SC Ports’ FY2021 Community Giving Program grant recipients work to fight hunger and address food deserts by providing meals, urban gardens and affordable healthy grocery options in their communities.

Environmental Impact

SC Ports seeks to be the greenest port in the Southeast through the reduction of environmental impacts of our operations, as well as partnerships with local environmental initiatives and organizations.

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Did You Know?

SC Ports’ restoration of saltwater marsh on Drum Island improves water quality and creates a thriving habitat for many species of birds, fish and other marine life in Charleston Harbor.