SCPA Announces Updated Export Receiving Policy Effective 7/26/22

July 15, 2022

The South Carolina Ports Authority will implement the following changes to its Export Receiving Policy. The new policy will be effective July 26, 2022.

New Export Receiving Policy:

  • The terminal's last receive date will be two days prior to the vessel’s expected work start date.
  • Vessels will open for receiving 7 calendar days prior to the terminal's last receive date.
  • Two days prior to the vessel opening for receiving, the receiving date will be locked-in and will not change.
  • Only two vessels per service will be open for receiving at one time.
  • Exporters should continue to follow their Ocean Carrier's guidelines for vessel cut information.
  • Exporters can visit the SCPA's vessel schedule page for updated information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Solutions Center at 843-579-4433.

Thank you for your business.