Big Investments. Big Impacts.

Having a top 10 U.S. container port in South Carolina generates a nearly $87 billion economic impact on our state each year, with port operations directly and indirectly supporting 260,000 jobs statewide. SC Ports is proud to provide excellent port service so that businesses can receive goods and access global markets.

Dr. Joseph Von Nessen, a well-respected research economist and professor at the University of South Carolina Moore School of Business, authored the 2023 SC Ports Economic Impact Study.

Making regional impacts around SC

Our port system is truly a port for the entire state, and you can see that impact in every region.

SC Ports has operations in the Lowcountry, Pee Dee and Upstate, serving customers around the state by efficiently moving imports and exports so that they can run their businesses and reach their consumers. The Upstate accounts for the highest concentration due to its big manufacturing base.

Economic Impact of SC Ports

1 in 9 Jobs

SC Ports supports 1 in 9 jobs statewide, which corresponds to 260,000 jobs in South Carolina that are supported by or connected to port operations. This accounts for jobs that are connected directly to the port, as well as for jobs at port-dependent business throughout the state — from the advanced manufacturers to the mega retailers, at small and big businesses alike.

$87 billion economic impact

SC Ports’ operations, and all activities associated with SC Ports, generate a nearly $87 billion economic impact on South Carolina each year. This figure reflects the dollar value of all final goods and services in South Carolina that can be attributed to SC Ports.

SC Ports is an economic engine for South Carolina, driving business growth and investment. As new jobs are created, this economic impact can be felt in our communities as people buy homes, spend at local stores and build strong foundations for their families.

Creating high-wage jobs

Port operations and related activities generate $17.6 billion in labor income for South Carolinians that would not exist otherwise. This translates into an average annual income of nearly $68,000 for all jobs supported — either directly or indirectly — by SC Ports. This is approximately 23% higher than the average labor income in South Carolina. Additionally, women and minorities in South Carolina hold more than one-third (36%) of all jobs currently supported — directly or indirectly — by SC Ports.

We are a port for the entire state, and you can see our impact in every region.

— Barbara Melvin, SC Ports President and CEO